Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My biggest pet peeves

One of my biggest pet peeves is people that do not re-rack their weights in the gym-How hard is it to put your weights away- If you cant re-rack your weights you should not be in a public gym-Have consideration for other people! Another huge pet peeve is LOSERS that dont pick up after their dogs-No, dog crap is not organic - and there is no such thing as the "poo fairy" that is going to come and pick it up. I just thought I would get that off of my chest

Monday, December 7, 2009

One of my favorite quotes

"Fitness is a journey, not a destination.It must be continued for the rest of your life." Kenneth cooper, MD

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Exercising during the Holidays

"Tiz the season" for Christmas parties,dinners,drinks and lots of deserts.Don't go crazy over analizing everything bad that you have consumed.Enjoy yourself in moderation, remember this is not the time to analize your eating.Don't feel guilty about eating desert or having a few extra drinks.Enjoy yourself, but remember now is the time to keep up on your workouts. Try to get to the gym regularly, even if you skip a day during the week, then go on a saturday or sunday.Get up a little earlier and go on an hour walk at a fast pace. If your gonna have that cookie or piece of cake ,which I always do, remember to step it up on your workouts.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Working out for thirty minutes three times a week

Just 30 minutes three times a week, lifting weights can build muscle mass. What's more, working all that muscle burns calories, making it a great way to lose your gut, as well. Don't have weights? Try lifting yourself: Pullups are the most valuable muscle-building exercises as well as squats and pushups!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weight training to help prevent injuries

When you strength train with free weights, not only are your muscles going to get stronger, you will also look and feel better. Weight training also works the ligaments and tendons that are connecting bones, muscles, and other tissues. This will reduce the chance of them becoming injured when participating in other physical activities, such as running, hiking,surfing,golf,tennis and basketball. Think of weightlifting like building a strong suit of armor. Often times people who are deconditioned, are prone to getting injured in an activity, as opposed to someone who works out with free weights. Before setting out on a weight training program, make sure that you have proper form and always start the first set of every exercise with a light weight to get the blood flowing to the targeted muscle that you are working.

Building a strong suit of armour for cold and flu season

Working out is imperative during the fall and winter months to help keep your immune system strong and ward of potential flu and cold viruses. Weightlifting helps increase your bone density as well as help to ward off osteoporosis and strenghten your immune system.Weightlifting also helps speed up your metabolism, helping you burn more calories in a non-active state. Think of it this way it is like building a strong suit of armour for your body!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Form

I cannot tell you how many times I see people in the gym with terrible form. Make sure that you isolate the targeted body part that you are exercising, making sure that your concentric and ecentric movements are slow and controlled,which means movements to and away from the body. When you swing the weights, not only are you incorporating other body parts but you are also using momentum. Yor muscles will respond and change a lot quicker when you isolate them and use slow controlled form. If you have to swing the weights or use another body part, you are more than likley using wieght that is too heavy for you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eating a diet of mostly fish (pescatarian)

For the past few weeks I have cut red meat, chicken and turkey out of my diet and have been eating only fish, in addition to vegetables, fruits, nuts eggs,dairy and whole grains.Fish is an excellent source of lean protein which is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids.Make sure you eat wild salmon, you can find this in cans, as well as frozen or fresh at certain times of the year. Avoid farm raised salmon as it is fattier, has less omega 3 fatty acids,contains pesticides and dye.I am eating a lot of wild salmon, as well as tuna and boneless /skinless sardines, packed in olive oil.Salmon,tuna and mackerel are excellent sources of vitamin D.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Virgin Coconut Oil

I recentley started taking virgin coconut oil. At first I was taking a tablespoon in the morning, as well as one in the evening. I found this was a little much at first, it was like eating a spoonful of vasoline. I had to ease my way into taking it, by putting a tablespoon on a whole- wheat toasted english muffin. Coconut oil melts and tastes similar to butter. I also sprinkle cinnamon on it as well- it tastes just like cinnamon toast. I eat this an hour or so before I swim or run. I am finding that I have a great deal of energy, not to mention I am swimming and running faster and for longer durations. It also goes for working out with weights, I have more strength and energy. Some of the benefits associated with taking virgin coconut oil are: helps your immune system, supports proper functioning of your thyroid gland, promotes weight loss, healthy skin and hair and also helps as an immediate energy source. Coconut oil is a medium-chain fatty acid, that is immediatley sent to and broken down in the liver and used as energy, instead of being stored as fat. Coconut oil also contains lauric acid -which is found in mothers breast milk. Lauric acid is found to enhance the immune system. For decades coconut oil has gotten a bad rap, just like egg yolks and butter. I will keep you posted on my findings while taking coconut oil- so far, so good!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eat whole grains instead of multi grain

Make sure that the breads and crackers that you buy, say "WHOLE" grain.This can easily be confused with multi grain -which means that the contents have more than one grain listed in the ingredients, but still have processed flour.There are more breads and crackers coming onto the market that are made from whole wheat or whole oat or rye flour. Another good reminder is to look at the list of ingredients.You want to keep it simple, try to avoid breads or crackers with a long paragraph of ingredients -no high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or hydrogenated oils.The first ingredient should say whole wheat or whole oat or rye flour.Put breads with no preservatives in the fridge or freezer , this will keep the bread longer.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Always change up your workout routine

Make sure you are always changing up your workouts for maximum gains and from keeping yourself from burning out on your current exercise program . For example if you usually do chest and triceps - change it up and do back and chest together, or if you start your workout with chest try doing triceps first. Also make sure you are changing the sequence in exercises that you do for each body part. Change up your cardio as well -if you usually jog, try going on a hike or bike ride instead.By changing up your workouts you will shock your muscles and reach new gains as well as keep yourself from getting bored of the same routine.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rescue a dog and you will get a great workout partner!

A dog is a perfect workout partner, one who is loyal and always up for the task. Your new workout partner never gives you excuses or says No. If you don't already have a dog, rescue a dog and you will be helping a poor homeless dog in our ever increasing overcrowded shelters. Think of it like always having a workout partner at hand. This way, there will be no excuses to not work out. Dogs make great walking, jogging and hiking partners. Do your research first on certain breeds and adopt a dog that is active. is a perfect site to find dogs -you can type in your zip code and the specific breed you are looking for and it will pull up all of the available dogs in your area. There are also breed specific rescue groups, or you can just go to a local animal shelter.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to find a good trainer

Here are some things to look for when finding a trainer and getting started on a fitness program. First and foremost make sure that conversation flows easily between the both of you on the first conversation. If this does not happen , chances are you are not going to look forward to spending any amount of time with the trainer. Make sure the trainer is a good listener and pays attention to your fitness goals. A must is,making sure he or she is certified thru a reputable organization ,ask to see their certification. Also make sure they are CPR/AED certified. Be aware if they ask for a bulk payment up front, the first few sessions should be about seeing if the both of you are a good match together. The trainer should really focus on your form and design a fitness prgram that fits your specific needs and body type.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Think twice about eating chicken, turkey and beef

Listeria, Campylobacter, Clostridium,Salmonella and E. coli have all been found in a large percentage of USDA testing in ground beef,ground turkey and chicken. If you are going to eat chicken or turkey make sure it is free range, grass or grain fed hormone and antibiotic free . If you are going to eat beef ,make sure it is grass fed. Stay away from chicken that is not free range - these chickens are raised in extremely close quarters, giving them a higher chance to spread disease.. not to mention the cleanliness of those henhouses. Also , think about the cleanliness of these processing plants? Did you ever notice some of the chicken breasts out there? they are like chickens on steroids. This is because the chickens are pumped with fluids and hormones.When preparing turkey, chicken or beef make sure to put the chicken ,turkey or meat directley in the pan,grill or tin foil - this will avoid the meets contaminating counters, sinks etc. Also when making burgers or meatloaf- mix in some oregano-this has shown to kill the e.coli .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Enjoying your workout

This is my first post, so I will keep this short and to the point. So many times, when I find myself working out, whether on the track running or in the pool swimming laps, I end up looking at my watch and thinking about when am i going to be finished . I have been stopping myself and realizing,that when I am in the pool or on the track or lifting weights .. that this is quality time I am spending with myself. This time we have exercising should be an enjoyable experience, giving us a sense of accomplishment, making our bodies stronger as well as bringing peace and clarity to our minds.Now,when I swim,I dont think about how much longer I have to go, or when am I going to be finished, I enjoy the feel of the water and I realize what a great privilege it is to be able to be swimming.When im on the track,instead of counting laps and looking at my watch, I take in all of the beauty that is around me. We should all enjoy the process of exercising, for it is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

Letting go of stress

One of the most important things that you can do for yourself is let go of stress. This is one of my biggest hurdles in life . I always find I obsess on the issue and let it fester inside of me .By keeping the stress bottled up inside of you, you are leaving your immune system susceptible to viruses and letting your body manifest all kinds of diseases.Keeping this stress inside not only affects the rest of your day after the incident, but your immune system as well. Stress has been found to be one of the biggest culprits in growing cancer and sickness in the body.Did you ever notice when you are really stressed out you end up getting a cold? By keeping this anger pent up inside of you , not only are you affecting your mood, you are also affecting your immune system.What I am realizing is that it is not worth getting myself so worked up over others iconsiderate behaviors. More and more I am trying to practice not allowing stress in my life.A lot easier said than done. I will be writing more on this in days to come!