Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weight training to help prevent injuries

When you strength train with free weights, not only are your muscles going to get stronger, you will also look and feel better. Weight training also works the ligaments and tendons that are connecting bones, muscles, and other tissues. This will reduce the chance of them becoming injured when participating in other physical activities, such as running, hiking,surfing,golf,tennis and basketball. Think of weightlifting like building a strong suit of armor. Often times people who are deconditioned, are prone to getting injured in an activity, as opposed to someone who works out with free weights. Before setting out on a weight training program, make sure that you have proper form and always start the first set of every exercise with a light weight to get the blood flowing to the targeted muscle that you are working.

Building a strong suit of armour for cold and flu season

Working out is imperative during the fall and winter months to help keep your immune system strong and ward of potential flu and cold viruses. Weightlifting helps increase your bone density as well as help to ward off osteoporosis and strenghten your immune system.Weightlifting also helps speed up your metabolism, helping you burn more calories in a non-active state. Think of it this way it is like building a strong suit of armour for your body!